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  1. Let me sorta tell you about this amazing world where I never existed.

    Not my post, just reblogging and giving out a sort of preface. Though I personally love my kids, I still think that every woman should have the freedom of choice when it comes to having a baby. 

    Personally, I think these are the basic traits that every parent should have:

    1. Psychological/Emotional preparedness.
    2. Financially stability.

    I don’t judge people who had their pregnancies by accident. It happens. The past and current generation may not be perfect, but this doesn’t stop up in building a free and open society for our kids in the future. And this is why we should pass the RH-bill here in the Philippines — to give women options. So that only the emotionally, psychologically and financially prepared parents can provide the best care that every child should need.

    If somebody asked me what if I got aborted? How would that make me feel? Well, obviously I would feel nothing since I am nothing. But if that’s the choice that my mother wanted, then it’s a choice that nobody can object to. Unless that action is against the law. Which is also another reason why the RH-bill should be passed. So that women will have the chance to avoid that dreaded scenario where they are left with no choice but to abort their already developed babies. Prevention.

    Anyway, i know this post is offtopic and somehow makes one unprofessional when posting about personal beliefs about sensitive issues. So I apologize :-)


    Details on the link later. Hint: it’s about that fetus picture making rounds on the internet again and again.

    I detangle thoughts by writing them out and they’re still knotty. Anyway, I suspect a few folks think I eat babies.

    I don’t eat babies.

    { PART I: Who dis Julie bitch? }

    I may be close to my mid-20s and I may be a woman but I am not you.

    I may not want kids now but never say never (because there is no telling what kind of choices I would make in the future). Yes, me and Vince talked about this. We prefer to adopt and that is IF we ever want our own human child and that is if we also end up in a near-perfect child-rearing environment and finances (we settled on getting a shiba inu).

    If I end up with a biological kid then…*shrugs* I just want to be prepared. I just want to give that kid all that love and not-too-much-but-enough attention and education and a first name that’s not Apple-ish. Etc etc etc. That is, if I want a kid. Yes, I thought of everything.

    But that is just my story. Who gives a shit about my story.

    Anyway: Having kids is an option, not an obligation.

    { PART II: LOL dis bitch Julie and her vajayjay. }

    Pro-choice is, contrary to knee-jerk reactions, NOT pro-abortion. It is NOT the black to a white, vice-versa. It’s NOT a bunch of “feminists” screaming “CUT IT OUT OF YOU NOW!11!” No. It is simply opening a door that says “It depends. Legalize it (because you cannot stop thousands of women from doing it illegally and then dying or destroying themselves permanently in the process), give the girl/woman a choice, and most of all promote reproductive health education in the first place.”

    I would not wish for my worst enemy (if there is one) to have kids s/he didn’t plan to have “just to know what it’s like.” To those who disagreed with my child-free choice wishing I’d get pregnant… Really? If you love kids so much why do you wish I’d get one like it’s a punishment?

    I do not judge anyone who wants to have their own biological children (if you’re on minimum wage and want, like, 10 kids I would worry about you). I do not judge anyone who already has children, planned or unplanned.

    In fact, I’m friends with a bunch of them hot mamas. My own mom’s pretty cool too.

    { PART III: “What if your mother aborted you huh? Huh? What then?” }

    If anything, I’ve been judged so many times for taking a stand and making a choice. And giving a shit. [Or simply for the inability to be persuaded. Because silly people hate being wrong but like to look persecuted.]

    The only reason I’d be bothered when someone asks “what if you never came to be” is because of how trite and judgmental it is. Does the person asking that question care about me, or is he/she merely attempting to manipulate me into agreeing with him/her through emotion? (I’m no debater but can you argue using emotion? I’m guessing you can’t. Gods, imagine if I joined a debate club and got mad skills. I’d be like Come At Me Bro like it’s nothing.)

    Anyway. Keyword: agreeing.

    So what if I never came to be? But I was merely a cluster of cells that wouldn’t struggle with the idea. I wouldn’t feel sad. For those who believe in souls the Christian way, I wouldn’t have reached the age of accountability and I’d go straight to heaven. What happened happened and here I am.

    I am humble enough to accept that I may never have existed and I don’t fear that idea. I am humble enough to accept that I am not “unique.” I won’t stomp my foot out of frustrated entitlement because the world will still go on even if I was never born, big deal. A big “so what” is my answer, because it’s not about me anymore. I’m sure Vince will find a nice girl (because awesome didn’t exist so he just gets nice).

    { PART IV: End. I’m a lazy bad writer. }

    Everyone deserves a choice and my personal choice is a polite “no thank you.”

    Keyword: personal.

    Make your own choice but you must question everything first. Don’t be swayed so easily by propaganda. There are agendas out there that are into killing choice. Those people judge and condemn (while preaching that only God can judge and condemn). They use guilt to manipulate. They make up a lot of stuff too, folks.

    I will not apologize or be coerced like that, and neither should a lot of us. Kids are really cute (they also never photograph bad, it’s magic). I just don’t want one now and I should not be made to feel bad about it. How can that hurt anyone, right?

    Accept that not everyone must agree with you. Or some priest. Or the majority. Or boomers. Or whoever it is you believe in. Accept that not everything has to do with you. Being wrong helps you grow.

    Keyword: humility.

    Vajayjay is a funny word.

    Ok about the photo:

    It’s SO OLD. It’s was taken in 1999. I wonder how many more times this will surface within my lifetime. We’re going to see this again and again with every gullible person that would begin to surf the web despite the ease of googling. I mean, really? You just take everything that’s been passed around to be true?

    Baby gripping surgeon’s hand blah blah blah. BUSTED.

    Julie hates babies. BUSTED.

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